Friday, July 25, 2008

HeadShot - As Above So Below

I download a lot of arbit underground stuff from net and last week i came across this album .
This is some German Band . I transferred the album onto my iPOD and have been listening to it . Lemme tell yu the tracks are kick ass . The riffs are awesome and the vocals are also clean n audible .
The first track Isolation is awesome and once yu listen to tht yu won't regret downloading the whole album .
Not all the tracks are similar . One of the song is a 10 min track with a great guitar solo lasting 'bout 5 mins .
Definetly an album tht yu shd give a try .

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jamzz said...

There are swarms of upcoming metal bands in europe especially in finland,germany and britain.
The finnish band -Children of Bodom is leading the charge with a crossover between melodic death metal and power metal.
As you can guess I am an emerging COB fan.