Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slimy V/s Me

Well I m in a train and this is another one of those boring journeys. As the train passes by the country side , I m losing towers and the net connectivity gets weaker. I got nothing else to do. So I’ve decided to write ‘bout my best buddy Slimy Death.

Slimy was a guy I met 10 years back when my parents moved to some new town. I was 10 years old then . I was in awe of him at the first site. He was handsome, had long hairs and you could tell most girls in the neighborhood couldn’t help but watch him when he was around . I don’t remember his real name it was Saumesh Dutt or something weird but for us he was always Slimy Death, thts wht he was called most of the times.

When I met slimy for the first time, I could see he was some kind of stud . He was wearing this GAP T-shirt , which told me he had some rich relative abroad . He had the “let it go” attitude for everything. He had an imported Kookabura cricket gear which every one of us was jealous of. He was also a good basketball player and he used to tutor us coz we hardly knew the rules. He was definitely a cool kid with whom we mortals wanted to hang out.

But when I started knowing him, I felt his ways were wrong and thinking completely different from mine . On other hand I was a small town guy raised in a middle class family. I studied in small places and went to ordinary schools. I knew the value of hard earned money.

Slimy was also quite crazy in his own ways. As a kid when we were busy playing on his brand new video game , he would sit in the balcony and gaze at stars . We would think whats wrong with him!!!!

Apart from this he had a foul mouth. He would abuse anything ….n everything. He would get into a lots of fist fights. He would beat the shit out of people who messed with him For other kids whom he couldn’t beat, he would tell his brother or some big guy around on them . He would ensure he got his due.

As we were growing up , we started studying together. He could hardly pass his exams on his own but most of the times he outscored me . He would say “No big deal man” .

He had the brains but he never used it . I would be studying hard all night and Slimy would be shouting in my ears “ You , Son of a Bitch , write it down on a piece of paper , Why the fuck are yu wasting yr time with all this Bullshit

I seldom gave in to such temptations . Slimy brought me close to getting busted many a times . Once Slimy abused a smart ass girl in school And the whole world thought it was me .I was like “Come On , Its Slimy whose a foul mouth …. I can’t even speak to a gal let alone abuse her. “ But all this fell on deaf ears and I was grounded . I could never understand then how Slimy could escape all those mischievous things he did at school.

Slimy and me always had different dreams. He wanted to be a rock star, get high and get laid . In his dreams he would wake up every morning and find a different girl on his bed . He never used to work or study.

On the other side, I wanted some safe job which would be enough for me. And considering my geek skills I figured out that being an engineer would be a safe bet for me. Well in spite of Slimy pestering me to learn guitars so that I could be in his band, I never gave up. All I had was thick hard cover books, with numbers and equations. In my dreams I could see Einteins and Newtons , while Slimy would be fucking some blonde chick on a beach.

But this was not going to be the way for long . Finally I tasted success ,I got through JEE and my good old friend Slimy was also too happy for me .The next thing I knew was that even Slimy cleared it with flying colors .

And it made me wonder if all my hard work was worth it. Slimy had this thing. He used to celebrate for just about everything. No wonder he celebrated my success with equal zeal as he would have done for his own.

It was then that I realized Slimy was not such an ass. We were in the same class at college attending moronic lectures. Slimy and me began to come closer than before. I started listening to his philosophical theories which I would never have earlier .I felt his ways of life were not that screwed after all.

As luck would have it, my roomie was just the kind to get along well with Slimy. On the first day when my roommate admitted he smoked, I was very pissed . But a week later when I came inside my room I saw Slimy and him smoking and getting drunk. They were “partying” as they put it. I was pissed at them at first but slowly I started liking Slimy’s way. I wouldn’t oppose to things which I would have done earlier . I was starting to like Slimy for the first time in life.

My life was changing. I resorted to Slimy’s way in everything. I started copying in exams and "getting things done"in any manner. I was tying all the loose ends. Most of the time Slimy and I were partying.

Slimy also influenced my taste of music and literature. I used to listen to crappy songs. Slimy used to laugh at me then. Slimy showed me the world of music. After multiple sessions of getting high, I walked with him through the Rock N Roll hall of fame. He opened my eyes. Now I like most of the stuff Slimy used to listen. Now we started laughing together at the losers who listen to gay music.

Slimy also taught me how to laugh and see the lighter side of everything. I forgot to be sad . My life was transformed into a state of euphoria . Slimy was a hunk who would always remind me what a geek I was. But now we started hanging out .And I became his partner in all the crimes he committed. This was a metamorphosis of sort for me . But I didn’t know if some line would have to be drawn in this transformation of mine. Well why would I want one. Who’s complaining? Live Life King Size that’s what slimy always says .

So be it . Three years went by, Slimy and I became the deepest of pals. I couldn’t imagine a day without him . Sometimes I was left wandering. Am I a fag? What the fuck? Such was Slimy. I couldn’t think of doing something brave without him.

Suddenly Slimy stopped visiting me. He was gone all of a sudden. I went into a state of depression. Melancholy was all around. I had lost my best buddy. The guy who taught me to live life. Wherez he gone?

I din’t have any idea. I checked in the college lists .I went to the small town where we had met for the first time. Asked old friends ‘bout his whereabouts, but nothing helped.

Finally I told all this to my parent and they told me there was no such guy they could remember moving into the neighborhood ten years back. They asked me the nick again. I told them he liked to be called ‘slimydeath’.

My mum was like ,” Hey thts wht some of your friends referred to yu as when they called yu.

How could it be?? I went and looked into a mirror!!!! What had I become ….. why do I have long hairs Why haven’t I shaved for days ? Why is there a light in my pocket?

Whoa!!!! I felt the whole world was spinning around twice as fast.

Was I screwing up with my own mind. Jesus, I got no idea. Who is writing all this? Is this Slimy or Nitesh ? Is writing this blog another one of Slimy’s evil prank to get at me .

Gosh Help me!!!!!


jamzz said...

Nitesh by day slimy by night huh! If you are saying that the real nitesh is just the way you have written I havent seen him yet its only slimy for me.Nitesh is just a mask for slimy and not the other way around,the way I see it.
But its a nice write-up. Everyone has a wild and a dark side including me. Its just that mine has been suppressed.
Its funny how the mind works.If you try to force anything on it , it will show dissent. More often than not it does not seek out to be judged.

Sushant said...

u fckd up d ending for me. it was pretty clear without that ending that nitesh and slimy are the same person. neways cool write up...really gud.

Slimy Death said...

@ jamzz
Dude the Nitesh yu haven't seen is because he has been dead for the last two years

@ Sushant
Ya ,maybe i don knw !!!!! I ran out of battery in my laptop So i wrote the end in haste

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

if all this is true , u are suffering from somekinda personality disorder :P , but as it is ,life passes & most of us turn into some1 whom our earlier self wouldnt even recognize .

Sandip Bhattacharya said...

Really Nitesh wonderfull stuff..normally I refrain from really long blog entries ...I decided to give yours a shot and boy I was'nt at all disappointed...I read your entire blog entry in one go ...very nice style of writing, very good thinking and a really enjoyable treat!!!...cheers man